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Welcome to the UK’s premier site for muffin recipes and cake mixes. Here you can learn all about our unique sweet and savoury muffin mixes and how to bake absolutely delicious muffin recipes together with tips and ideas. We’ve just started trading (October 2009) so some of these pages will take a little while to populate fully. Our deliverys are send in fully bio degradable boxes with our logo printed on the tape for security reasons.

We provide the basic cake mixes – you add the recipe ingredients and bake for 25 minutes.

Make no mistake; our muffin mixes are completely different from the sponge cake mixes varieties you find commonly available. They are quite different and (although we may be biased), we think they taste jolly good. They are also filling because they contain oats, bran, rye and wheat flakes as part of their ingredients (think of them as a muesli muffin). We also use dried buttermilk powder to help keep fat levels lower than they could otherwise be.

Many consumers find they act as a meal replacement and eat them for breakfast, lunch and even supper. The number and choice of sweet and savoury muffin recipes means you will never be bored. The muffin recipes are ideal for snacks or putting into lunchboxes. Needless to say, children (and even teenagers) love them.

There are muffin recipes and cake mixes to suit everyone and since we recommend using fresh, frozen or dried ingredients your muffin recipes and cake mixes should taste superb.

We are passionate about our muffin mixes and muffin recipes that produce Canadian Style Muffins - we hope it shows.

On this UK site we aim to provide a source of knowledge for:

• Professional caterers using commercial packs
• Domestic users who have bought retail packs  
• Anyone (including wholesalers) wanting to become a Distributor for our cake mixes
• Where to buy muffin mixes and ready made muffins from catering outlets

We hope you enjoy our Canadian Style Muffins – but be warned: they can be addictive!